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Beema - vikram , trisha , prakashraj songs download

பீமா - விக்ரம் , த்ரிஷா

Directed by N. Linguswamy
Produced by A. M. Rathnam
Written by N. Linguswamy
Sujatha Rangarajan
Starring Vikram,
Trisha Krishnan,
Prakash Raj
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography R.D. Rajasekhar
Editing by Anthony
Distributed by Sri Surya Movies
Release date(s) January 15, 2008
Language Tamil
Budget Rs.70 crores

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About Film:
Bheema (Tamil: பீமா) is a Tamil film directed by N. Linguswamy. It stars Vikram, Trisha Krishnan and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. The film's score and soundtrack was composed by Harris Jayaraj with lyrics written by the contemporary Tamil poets Na. Muthukumar, Pa. Vijay and Vairamuthu. R.D. Rajasekhar was the cinematographer for the movie and the editing was done by Anthony. Shooting for the film began on the 24th of April, 2006 at various locations in India. The film was slated for a Pongal/Sankranthi 2007 release, but it was pushed back to May 11, 2007 due to technical difficulties. Then it was postponed further due to the nearing release of Sivaji: The Boss. The film's soundtrack was released on July 10, 2007 and the film itself was released on 15 January 2008, to coincide with Pongal, with 300 prints. The movie had earlier been postponed to "Summer 2007",even though the film was previously said to have been completed.

The story pivots on a tug of war between two underworld gangs trying to outsmart each other. Periyavar’s (Raghuvaran) group is bigger and more powerful, while Chinna’s (Prakash Raj) group is struggling to gain strength.

Enter Shekar (Vikram). This powerful man adds new life to Chinna’s gang. He challenges Periyavar’s group and puts Chinna on top. Shekar has grown up idolising Chinna and he is a man of steel, physically and mentally, according to the movie. As Chinna says, he bears everyone on his powerful shoulders like the character Bheema from the Mahabharata.

The gangs are targeted by the new police commissioner (Ashish Vidyarthi) and a three-pronged hunt begins. Later on Sekar leaves to settle with his girlfriend(Trisha), however Chinna's gang members want him back, even though Chinna wants Sekar to lead his own life. The unexpected bold climax shows the misunderstanding between Sekar and Chinna and in that process Chinna's gang kill Trisha, Sekar kills Chinna and the police kill Sekar.

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