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4 STUDENTS songs downloads for free

Actors :Bharath, Gopika
Director : Jay Raj
Music Director : Jassie Gift

Download the tamil song from 4 students film for free of cost

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4 Students (2004) is the Tamil dubbing of the Malayalam film 4 the people directed by Jayaraj, starring Bharath, Gopika and Narain . The movie had some slight alterations to the original malayalm version. This music was composed by Jassie Gift. This movie had lot of talented debutants and was one of the finest & successful movies of the year. The movie was dubbed into Telugu as Yuvasena- 4 The People and was commercially successful in Tollywood.

Bharath, Arun, Arjun and Padma Kumar (all Malayalam actors except Bharath) who form the quartet, decide to fight corruption and the story revolves around the four protagonist. The 4 students launch a web site 4 The People and urge the public to mail them their grievances and problems. Of the several mails they receive, the 4 students short list a person against whom the maximum number of complaints are received, track him down and later punish the errant person. They prey on a corrupt government doctor, a sales tax officer and one local goonda. Finally, it turns out to be a cat and mouse game between the group and the police.

In a racy climax the foursome attempt to kill the Minister but fail. Seeing the brutality of the police the 4 students come to the support of the foursome. One of the students kill the minister and he is joined by three more students. They escape due to the support of students. The revolution continues.

Annakili - Jassie Gift & Chorus.mp3

Size : 3991 Kb
Type : mp3

Fourthe People - Unnimenon.mp3
Size : 4218 Kb
Type : mp3

Lajavathiye - Jassie Gift.mp3

Size : 4256 Kb
Type : mp3

Unthen Vizhimunai - Jaddie Gift & Ganga.mp3
Size : 4418 Kb
Type : mp3

Poovale Indha - Harish Ragavendar.mp3

Size : 4427 Kb
Type : mp3


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